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IDL cursor problem with Mac OS X

The cursor IDL procedure does not work properly under Mac OS X. To solve this problem, add the following line in your login script (e. g. .bash_profile for example):

defaults write wm_click_through -bool true
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IDL colors

In order to mix easily images and plots, I have written a routine that modifies the current color table to add at its end a set of defined colors. These colors can be accessed by a set a system variables, listed in the following table. Three system variables describe the new table:

Note that we have of course !nbplotcolors + !nbdrawcolors = !d.table_size

A typical use of this feature would be the following sequence, using the

loadct, 0
setplotcolors, nbcol=8
tv, bytscl(image, top=!topcolor)
oplot, /device, myx, myy, col=!red
oplot, /device, myotherx, myothery, col=!cyan

Note the use of tv, bytscl(top=!topcolor) instead of tvscl.
ncolorssystem variablecolorncolorssystem variablecolor
1!white 2!black
3!red 4!green
5!blue 6!yellow
7!pink 8!cyan
9!orange 10!violet
11!maroon 12!plum
13!sblue 14!khaki
15!coral 16!gray
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Hervé Aussel
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